Michael McCoy is the Community Engagement Manager for Operation Stand Down Tennessee and a staff logistics officer for an armored squadron with the Tennessee Army National Guard. His team manages communications, volunteers, strategic relationships, and events including monthly and quarterly meet-ups and job seeker networking. Operation Stand Down Tennessee helps over 300 service members… Read more »

  Chuck Dishmon is the Director of Software Development for Greenlight Guru where he leads agile software development teams to create and optimize technology offerings for clients in the medical device space. He learned how to program at an immersive, full stack software engineering program called Coder Camps where he re-tooled his skill set after… Read more »

  Todd Skiles has had a 34 year career with Ryder, creating logistics and transportation solutions for his customers. His career has been unique in that he has had one foot on either side of the civilian/military divide by affiliating with the Army Reserves, and hiring others who are doing so as well to help… Read more »

  Matt Hesse is the Chairman and Founder of the FitOps Foundation, helping veterans find purpose and community through fitness. Matt transitioned from the Army in July of 2000 and began a career in the fitness and nutrition industry, ultimately launching his own brand in 2008 manufacturing and marketing health and wellness products. He launched… Read more »

Zach Thomas is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and speaker. In this episode, we discuss his journey from TRADOC to Seminary to Chick-Fil-A, leading and motivating people with a sense of purpose at every step of the way. Veterans make great franchise owners, leading small to medium sized teams in fast-paced operations where seamless execution is… Read more »

  Marco Nelson transitioned from the military to a career in technology through a blend of active duty academic pursuits, a hobbyist interest in mobile app development, part-time real estate investing, and eventually additional academics immediately after his transition. He knew early on in his Navy career that he had a strong pull to develop… Read more »

  Tom Wolfe joins me for the 50th episode of the podcast to discuss his book Out of Uniform: Your Guide to a Successful Military-to-Civilian Career Transition. Tom and I share a lot in common, we’re both Naval Academy graduates who served as Surface Warfare Officers aboard ships and subsequently transitioned to careers in military… Read more »

Steve Hawley is a Loan Officer with Southern Trust Mortgage, and the brother of one of my recent guests John Hawley. John recommended we connect to try to get to the bottom of why he and I keep getting so much junk mail about our VA loans. Steve is an expert in residential mortgage lending… Read more »

  Today I had a great conversation with Mark Munger about the Marine for Life Network. Mark is the Regional Network Coordinator for the Southeast Region, one of the busiest and most engaged regions due to the high number of veterans that transition back to the southeast following transition. We talked about how Mark got… Read more »

How a Navy Suppo Found His Way to Sales Jamie Desautels was a supply officer in the Navy who transitioned into a logistics role with a Fortune 100 company via their military officer hiring program. He is now the Sales Director for Glen-Gery Corporation, a manufacturing leader in masonry, brick, and stone construction materials. In this… Read more »