Bill Kieffer is the President and Chief Advisor for Kieffer & Associates, LTD. He is also a TEDx speaker, former U.S. Army officer, and Ohio native. His career has focused on training, leading, and shaping organizations from within the talent management and human capital department of the companies he has worked for. I was excited to have Bill on to talk about how decisions are made at the front lines of talent management in corporate America as it relates to hiring, training, and retaining veterans.

Bill’s experience during his own transition and career offers a unique and complete perspective from both sides of the uniform and civilian hiring process. I was really struck with how often we agree about the topics discussed during our conversation, areas like interview readiness, asking questions during the hiring courtship process, and managing money and negotiating compensation. In this conversation, we cover best practices for a job seeker leaving the service and trying to peel back the psychology behind how companies think about their workforce and strategic talent acquisition programs.

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