In today’s episode, I had an opportunity to reconnect with a fellow shipmate from my time in the Navy, Grant Yeatman.

Grant earned his commission as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer from the ROTC program at the University of Southern California, and he and I were stationed for a few years in Norfolk, VA on USS Barry.

After leaving the Navy, Grant transitioned to commercial real estate on the west coast via several years in finance working on Wall Street in Manhattan. He gives us insight into how his original career goals shifted during his networking and interviewing, sending him to a different part of the private sector than he’d originally envisioned, but one that provided a great starting point for his career today.

We also get the chance to talk a lot about networking, and the value of persistence and dedication when seeking out and cementing business contacts that can help you find the ideal career. Grant shares his perspective on self-reliance, and the value of going the extra mile.