Today I had an opportunity to interview Jesse Grothaus, the Dreamforce 2018 Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year.

Jesse is the Founder and CEO of Cloud Pathfinder Consulting, a Salesforce consultancy dedicated to hiring veterans to solve clients’ problems within their software and database infrastructure. He is also a graduate of the Vetforce program, a free self-paced learning environment designed to give veterans job skills and certifications to begin a career within the Salesforce ecosystem.

In today’s episode, we discuss how his seven years in the Army Reserves gave him the necessary listening, consulting, and analytical skills to run his current company and how a traumatic brain injury from a major car accident led him down the path of self-paced online Salesforce training to develop his career but also as a unique and creative way to follow his doctors’ orders to reprogram his brain and learn new things during the recovery process.

Jesse is passionate about Salesforce as well as being the bridge between the military and the technology industry, helping both direct vets to this free training as well as employ graduates of the program that are ready to embark on their first projects within the Salesforce ecosystem. Near the end of the conversation, we talk about his plans to engage with the Veteran’s Administration to help upgrade and enhance their systems, bringing in veterans with Salesforce training to improve the healthcare picture for the patients that rely on the VA.