Greg Keeley is the founder and CEO at OnDuty CBD, a company dedicated to producing a vertically integrated, veteran farmed and American made CBD product for first responders, law enforcement, active duty military, and any other professionals who have been called to service. Greg’s career began with service as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy, and following a chance meeting with a 3-star Admiral who “asked” him to join his team, he became the first officer to be commissioned into the U.S. Navy from a foreign ally. Restarting his career as Ensign Keeley after retiring as a commander, Greg served another 10 years working in jobs in intelligence and legislative affairs on capitol hill.

First introduced to CBD (cannabidiol) in January of 2019 by an acquaintance, Greg discovered a potential alternative to the seven different opioid medications he had been prescribed by doctors at the VA in order to treat chronic pain incurred during a career full of deployments. He quickly realized that the CBD industry was “the wild-west,” with unregulated and questionable companies marketing products of dubious quality and safety. Over the span of 3-4 months, Greg and his team committed to creating a business with an entirely vertically integrated supply chain, a claim that less than 3% of CBD companies operating in the U.S. can make. As result, OnDuty CBD now sells products sources from hemp grown in the United States, mostly by farmers and cooperatives owned and operated by veterans.

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