Josh Duntz is a Navy EOD Master Technician experienced in leading small, high performing and dynamic teams of special operations personnel. Josh has done seemingly everything possible to engage proactively with his military-to-civilian transition. Over the last couple of years he has finished his bachelor’s degree, completed the 6-month transition fellowship with The Honor Foundation, worked with Elite Meet to network with other veterans, and is jumping into a DoD SkillBridge internship with a company on the west coast he was introduced to through Josh is also a founder and member of the leadership team at the Navy Special Operations Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which ensures Special Operations personnel and their families have the tools needed to overcome the challenges they face.

I wanted to talk to a currently transitioning service member like Josh because his perspective is based on a very modern, holistic approach to leveraging transition resources. During the last couple of years Josh has been deliberate about his planning and preparation for a career after the military which has positioned him ideally to get a job that he’s excited about that will allow him and his wife to relocate back home to Tampa in a work-from home business development role.


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