When Stan Walz hung up the uniform after a career in the U.S. Coast Guard, he knew he had more to contribute to the mission. Since becoming the CEO at VectorCSP in 2006, Stan and his team have been supporting U.S. Coast Guard acquisitions through the development of Integrated Logistics Support solutions.

Selected by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies seven years in a row, Vector CSP supports multiple aviation platforms and has expanded their logistics and engineering offerings to federal and military maritime communities. Their current portfolio includes the Special Operations and Nuclear communities as well, giving their team room to grow and evolve what they do to impact the government and military.

In this conversation, Stan and I discuss how he has used his values and passion for what he does to navigate his career. Unlike many previous guests, he found a role after military service that allowed him to directly solve some of the problems he had experienced during his active duty time. This unique focus not only created a clear path for him to apply knowledge and expertise gained in the service, but brought the government’s investment in his military training and education full-circle by giving him a platform and a role to create meaningful improvement for the fleet from the private sector.



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