Todd Skiles has had a 34 year career with Ryder, creating logistics and transportation solutions for his customers. His career has been unique in that he has had one foot on either side of the civilian/military divide by affiliating with the Army Reserves, and hiring others who are doing so as well to help create a culture of service within Ryder.

In today’s conversation, we discuss Todd’s thoughts on the value of military-experienced talent within corporate America, specifically intangible leadership skills and the ability to work with a close-knit team.

We also discuss Todd’s thoughts regarding how veterans become comfortable in the military dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity, translating that capability to leadership roles in the civilian sphere.

This is a great perspective on not only the value of hiring veterans from a corporate standpoint, but also to encourage candidates to think outside the borders of their functional discipline or MOS, and to consider how military service has made them a different kind of an employee, in terms of their work ethic, values, and personal discipline.



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