Zach Thomas is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and speaker. In this episode, we discuss his journey from TRADOC to Seminary to Chick-Fil-A, leading and motivating people with a sense of purpose at every step of the way.

Veterans make great franchise owners, leading small to medium sized teams in fast-paced operations where seamless execution is critical to success. They also serve well in roles oriented around process improvement and LEAN methodology, looking for efficiencies and cost-savings within an organization or process. Zach has cultivated a culture of process improvement within his franchise, and spearheaded the launch of the Lean6Ninja program.

Zach’s career combines these disciplines of leadership and process improvement and highlights the value that military leaders bring to organizations in the form of employee development and empowerment.

Check out Zach’s website to get your FREE copy of Leader Farming: Growing Leaders to Grow Your Business, just pay shipping. Also take his Leadership-Style quiz and find out what kind of leadership style you trend towards. Are you a command-and-control style or passive leader? Find out HERE!



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