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Ramp up diversity hiring with military talent

One of the ways Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) helps employers improve their diversity hiring is with military talent. The military was one of this country’s first integrated workforces and that tradition continues today. Employers rely on BMI to keep up-to-date with military talent sources because businesses typically don’t have the time, budget or expertise to do… Read more »

P&G for Transitioning Military

West Point Grad, Bob McDonald, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering in 1975, graduating in the top 2% of his class. Twenty years later, McDonald would head one of the world’s most powerful companies as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of The Procter & Gamble Company. Veterans provide greater diversity to the… Read more »

Military and Diversity

The Military History of African Americans predates the history of America considering their role in the American Revolution. The U.S. military has long understood the value of diversity. As such, they are on the leading edge of a diversity and inclusion culture. The men and women I meet during their transition see past differences in… Read more »

The Two Most Common Recruitment Marketing Mistakes Companies Make when Trying to Attract Military Veterans to their Company Website

If improving how you are recruiting military veterans is on your list of diversity initiatives for the coming year, you need to know that there are two common mistakes many companies make when trying to attract military veterans to apply through their company web site. First, let’s start with a definition. The term “bounce rate”… Read more »