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Award Brings Credibility to Veteran Hiring Initiatives

Once again, Bradley-Morris earned recognition for its veteran hiring initiative. For a second consecutive year, the company received the HIRE Vets Medallion award from the United States Department of Labor. It is the sole honor awarded at the federal level for hiring veterans. Enacted in 2017, the Honoring Investments in Recruiting American Military Veterans Act of… Read more »

How to Leverage Government Relocation When Hiring a Transitioning Veteran

One of the most common questions I receive when speaking with employers is, “How can I find solid local candidates to fill my open roles?” If you’re looking for a very specific skill set or background, it can be challenging to find the right job seeker in your area. Many employers don’t have the budget… Read more »

Hiring Military is Like Learning To Golf

The internet is awesome – news flash, right? What I mean is that you can teach yourself so many things from guides and videos on the internet. I have a colleague, who is not a handyman by any means, who took apart and fixed his washing machine with a $1.50 part thanks to a youtube… Read more »

Be David When Hiring Military

You know David versus Goliath? It’s the story that came to mind recently when a virtually unknown company bested a Fortune 500 giant in hiring a military-experienced superstar. It played out a lot like the story. Goliath relied on the power of their brand. They were slow in their process. They kept the candidate at… Read more »

A Business Case for Hiring Military

The business case for hiring military is all about business performance. Most CEOs understand the relationship between hiring for performance and business performance: A performance team directly contributes to the bottom line. Related to this, many success stories have established that military-experienced talent has a proven track-record of performance. Long before hiring military was a… Read more »

Corporate Recruitment Action Series: Strategy for Hiring Military

This series of posts is focused on narrowing down the field of viable resources to fulfill the commitment to hiring military. After a recent conversation with a staffing firm owner, it was clear to me that a consistent message continues to emerge all across the U.S. in every business setting: “There are too many people promoting… Read more »

How to develop a military hiring plan

More companies than ever are putting a focus on hiring military. This is great news for both industry and for veterans. American industry needs good people, however, if a company doesn’t plan for it, qualified veterans are often missed in the hiring process. With more companies investing time and resources into sourcing and hiring military,… Read more »

How to understand military transition

For service-members, leaving the military is an exciting time but also an anxious experience. For hiring managers, understanding the dynamics of a military transition is critical for success in hiring military. The fundamentals my top clients understand: They know that timing is critical. The candidate is on a time line. Their “out date” will arrive… Read more »

Hiring Military – The Right Thing for Business

Anyone who volunteers for military service, from the tip of the spear to the rear with the gear, has earned the title Patriot and my esteem. The recent trend towards hiring patriots is refreshing because it is the right thing to do. But being from the “I was a military recruiter before military recruiting was… Read more »

Looking to Recruit Military Veterans? What You Need to Know About Military Transition Centers.

One of my most popular educational topics on recruiting military veterans is a seminar entitled “Military Applicant Sourcing Options”.  In that session I cover over a dozen approaches to sourcing veteran talent and the pros and cons of each approach.  The source that most recruiters find to have a lot of potential but also a… Read more »