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How Do I Interview a Veteran with a Disability?

The veteran talent pool, like any other job seeker segment, is populated with a certain percentage of individuals with disabilities. So how do you interview a veteran with a disability? I received an inquiry the other day where the recruiter stated that she had received a resume from a military veteran with excellent qualifications for… Read more »

Personal Information: Off Limits? How to Handle Illegal Interview Questions

Questions regarding religion, race, sexual preference, age, children, and disability should be off the table when it comes to interviewing in corporate America. Some government job openings may prohibit the hiring of certain persons based on gender, age, and disability, but chances are you will not make it to the interview process if you fall… Read more »

Military in Manufacturing

Sandy Morris, CEO of military recruiting firm Bradley-Morris, Inc., was recently interviewed by America’s Business radio. Some of the topics covered included: – What staffing challenges are occurring for hiring authorities? – Are there volume hiring solutions, as well as one-to-one staffing solutions? – What industries are good ones for military-experienced talent? Click here to… Read more »