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How does military experience bridge the skills gap?

The skills gap is one of the most talked about trends in hiring. Talent acquisition professionals are scrambling to find the right candidate in a skills biased market. Are you losing to your business competitors because you can’t find the skills to grow your business? If you’ve considered veterans as a solution, you might ask… Read more »

Talking Military Talent and Leadership with Jeffrey Clark, CEO of Anthony International

Talented leaders in the middle management ranks are the key players in business execution. They’re Jeffrey Clark’s go-to people for helping his team serve their customers. Serving customers well is how Clark rose to CEO and how Anthony International grew from a $30M to a $350M revenue business. Winning in business is about great people… Read more »

Top Talent versus Top Available Talent (JMOs)

A common frustration in both business and in yacht racing is finding and retaining top talent. For the first two events of a race series I participated in earlier this year, I benefited from a team of top sailing talent put together by my sail maker friend, Glenn. Those guys made me look great! We… Read more »

Junior Military Officers (JMOs) in Sales

“Nothing happens until someone sells something”. Not sure who said it, maybe Peter Drucker, but it’s very true. How about, “Your product makes no profit on the shelf.” I said that! No matter how you say it, your company’s front line leaders for capturing market share are your sales people. The successful ones are dynamic,… Read more »

Hiring JMOs: JMOs are the way to go

I was speaking with a client recently who had worked with Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) before and had just joined a new company. He contacted us in pursuit of hiring JMOs (Junior Military Officers that are transitioning out of the military into a civilian career). He’d obviously had a good experience which I asked him to… Read more »

Why JMOs for leadership / management positions?

Here’s another recent client question: I was asked why Junior Military Officers (JMOs) are better prepared than their civilian contemporaries for leadership positions in the private sector. This was easy to explain – JMOs have not only supervised individuals ranging from their teens to their 40s but they have written and delivered annual performance evaluations…. Read more »

Pros and Cons to using a Military Recruiter

Here are two articles that were recently posted on regarding using military recruiters / headhunters. While there is some definite positive advice in there, I have a minor critique regarding the articles. In the first article it recommends only spending 25% of your search time with military recruiters / headhunters. I can tell you… Read more »