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Enhance Your Military-To-Civilian Transition

This article explores 10 little things that could enhance your military-to-civilian job search. When it comes to job hunting, focusing on the details can make the difference between success and failure. Read full article here.

What to do if you find yourself unemployed

On Tuesday, April 14th, ABC’s The View hosted these guests: Andrew Serwer – Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine Marcus Buckingham – Career expert, and author of The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success, Tory Johnson – Author of Will Work From Home: Earn Cash Without the Commute. Each guest espoused excellent advice on how… Read more »

Military job seeker “Cyberskeletons”

Here is a good article from contributing editor Janet Farley regarding why to deal with the Cyberskeletons that might be lurking in a military job seeker’s closet. Employers are getting much more savvy about how to search social networking sites and you would hate for a less-than-flattering picture on your myspace page to be the… Read more »