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JMO (Junior Military Officer) talent – Turnaround specialists

Companies hire JMO (Junior Military Officer) talent for a number of types of roles. Some are placed with the leading edge company in a “sexy” leadership development position. However, many JMOs relish the challenge of a non-ideal situation with potential. You might even call these candidates “turnaround specialists”. JMOs make great turnaround specialists. They have… Read more »

How Hiring Military Veterans Helps Your Company Save Money – Part 5: Many Veterans Have a Security Clearance

If you recruit for a federal agency, a defense contractor or other company that does business with the government, and you have to fill positions with cleared resources (i.e., people who have security clearances), or people who are “clearable” (capable of obtaining a security clearance), then you are already painfully aware of the cost involved… Read more »

Hiring Military Case Study – NSK

Here’s another case study, this one regarding NSK, a company that has had a great deal of success hiring military. “NSK managers needed to hire engineers who could offer the company and its customers the right blend of technical expertise and marketing savvy. While there was no shortage of recent college-educated engineers to draw upon,… Read more »