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Digging into the recent LinkedIn Veteran Insight Report

As we approach July 4th, I took some time digging into the recent LinkedIn Veteran Insight Report. Whether it be patriotic or performance motives, it’s great to see the changing tide regarding veteran hiring in Corporate America. In 2001, when I started with Bradley-Morris, we looked for one of two things to get corporate buy-in:… Read more »

Veteran Job Seeking Skills Include Connecting

When veterans look for a post-military career, one of the key skills is “Connecting”. In this article about the A to Zs of veteran job seeking, the “C” stands for “Connect”. In part, it reads: Connect: Join LinkedIn. Join Groups. Connect with people in groups. Connect with on LinkedIn. Connect with other veterans. Attend… Read more »

Social Media 101: How You Can Effectively Leverage This Online Phenomenon To Brand Yourself

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all social media outlets used primarily as platforms for interactive communities to share current happenings. Society has typically viewed the use of these sites for entertainment purposes, but I propose that military job seekers approach them as “networking resources.” Think of them as online résumés! Let’s begin with the more… Read more »