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I am proud to announce that was recently featured in a article entitled “100 Blog Posts Every Job Seeker Should Read“. This article is a great resource for anyone on the job market, including military job seekers, and offers career search advice to help you with personal branding, your military resume and military cover letter, networking and… Read more »

Guidelines for Emailing a Military Resume

Afraid your military resume is heading straight for a spam folder? Here’s how to increase the odds of your military resume being read by a recruiter or hiring manager when sending it via email. The first question about e-mailing your military resume is whether to send it as an attachment or just paste it into… Read more »

Guidelines for writing an effective cover letter

Unless you plan to present your resume in person, you will need a concise cover letter to accompany your military resume. The goal of a cover letter is not to rehash the resume, but rather to build rapport and convey interest. You can accomplish this by describing what you know about the company and how… Read more »