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Square Pegs into Round Holes

Experience-focused position descriptions are not only a hindrance to hiring civilian talent, but also to hiring military-experienced talent. Lou Adlers’ recent post on, Why you can’t hire high achievers , details where most postings fall short. As Lou says, “The work determines what skills and experience are required.” The trouble is that the best… Read more »

Military Bearing: Interview Friend or Foe?

Recently, the Fist Full of Talent blog posted a topic on “How Recruiters Can Get Comfortable in Interviews with Veterans”.  I found it extremely interesting that a blog for “Recruiters, HR, Consultants, and Corporate Types” offered advice to interviewers on how to properly interpret military bearing.  The following is an excerpt: “The problem is that… Read more »

Translating military experience – profits vs. budgets recently posted a “Real Transition Story” that accurately reflects a chief concern of many of the transitioning military job seekers I come in contact with on a daily basis. Of particular note is the following comment: “I think the most difficult part of transitioning is putting military experience into civilian terms. Civilians don’t understand… Read more »