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Military Occupational Specialty Education Improves Hiring Efficency

The old phrase “measure twice, cut once” reminds the craftsmen to be prudent. The efficiency of a double-check over the added cost of a bad cut is obvious in building. This logic can be as easily applied to hiring military. Measure twice by getting educated on Military Occupational Specialties, mapping the skills required for the position and communicating this with… Read more »

What’s the deal with military MOS, AFSC and Rates?

Unless you have a military background or have been involved with hiring large numbers of military people, figuring out military skills is a daunting task.  The Army and Marine Corps use “MOS” groups (Military Occupational Specialty).  The Air Force separates their skills into “AFSC” groups (Air Force Specialty Codes).  Finally, the Navy calls each of… Read more »