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Applicant Tracking System: Useful Tool or Military Resume Abyss?

If you have been at the job search game for a while, there is a good chance that the résumé you submitted for at least one online job opportunity is still floating around in space. Military job seekers are frequently thwarted by furtive Applicant Tracing Systems. So what are they? The official definition of an… Read more »

Federal Job Search Myths Debunked

Articles about writing federal military resumes, federal hiring trends, and landing a federal job have proven to be the most popular among readers and military job seekers who read the leading military transition publication, CivilianJobNews. Because the federal government has thousands of openings, grants hiring preference to most veterans (for more on this see “Federal… Read more »

Warning: a “(Dys)Functional” Resume Could Kill Your Job Search

You may have heard that there are several resume styles from which to choose. Although technically this is true, there is one style that you should avoid at all costs, unless you want your military resume to end up in the circular file. So heed this warning before you put that pen to paper –… Read more »

Job Openings: the “Too-Perfect-Fit” Dilemma

A Military Resumes client (who happens to be a very savvy senior enlisted Intelligence Analyst), recently shared her frustration regarding the arbitrary barriers companies impose in their job openings. Nearly every military job seeker who has been around the block has encountered the “too-perfect-fit” job opening. This opening has so many specific requirements, only the… Read more »

Consider a Post-Military Journey

The following military job search advice comes to us courtesy of Lt. Col. Paul Capicik (USAF Ret), a 26 years Air Force veteran, former CIO, and military program manager for American Sentinel University.  He is the author of a new article series geared toward service members interested in pursuing or advancing Information Technology (IT) careers. In an… Read more »

Back to Basics: the Three Most Important Military Resume Guidelines

In this month’s issue of Spotlight, the official newsletter of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, industry pioneer Jay Block revisits the very definition of a resume.  This got me thinking… if a certified professional military resume writer could benefit from a refresher course on the basics, so could a military job… Read more »

Give Your Military Resume a Human Voice

I recently stumbled upon a Yahoo! Hotjobs blog post by Liz Ryan, a 25-year HR veteran and former Fortune 500 VP, entitled, “10 Boilerplate Phrases that Kill Resumes”. In it she explains that one of the biggest shifts in the job market from years gone by is what constitutes an attention-grabbing resume. The following is… Read more »