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Employment Opportunities for Military Spouses

Once upon a time, employment opportunities for military spouses were severely limited. Let’s refer to those times as the dark ages, shall we? Fortunately, that era is over. Thanks to evolving business attitudes, global corporate partnerships and advances in technology, military spouses today have more career enhancing options available to them than ever before. Click… Read more »

Welcome to Your Post-Military Life

Transitioning out of uniform isn’t easy. Whatever your personal style of decision making, one or more of the following strategies may help you along the way. Click here to learn more.

Four Tips For the Former Stay at Home Spouse

As many a stay-at-home spouse will attest, it’s not easy to create a resume when you haven’t been paid for your services for a lengthy period of time. Here are four tips for the former stay-at-home spouse. Click here to read more.

Making The Transition From A Military-Related Job To A Civilian One

You may not wear the uniform, but you’re married to it. On top of that, you may work in or around the DOD. That means you can effectively communicate in a world that believes everything should have an acronym ASAP. Can you, however, communicate what you do to those who are not fluent in our… Read more »

Post-Uniform Life

As your family transitions out of the military, circumstances will, of course, be different. Refer to the survival strategies in this article for assistance. One set of worries will ultimately be exchanged for another set and your new normal will feel oddly familiar. Read full article here.

Military Spouse Resume

A well-written military spouse resume can help you navigate through the trying times. When developing your resume, avoid these seven mistakes at all costs. As a military spouse, you understand that finding a new job can be a job all by itself. Whether you are PCSing to a new duty station, or transitioning away from… Read more »

Start Fresh with a Military Spouse Job Search

Everyone needs a fresh start every once and a while – especially when it comes to a job search. Janet Farley offers seven tips to military spouses in this article: 1. Go back to the drawing board. Assess your current strategy and tweak it one degree on either side of the unemployment line. For example,… Read more »

The Hurdles of Military Spouse Unemployment and How To Overcome Them

Among the more than 14 million Americans struggling to find work, the men and women married to military personnel face hurdles that other job seekers don’t.  According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8.4 percent of military spouses were seeking jobs and couldn’t find one, compared to 5.3 percent of spouses in… Read more »