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Transportation Is a Major Segment of the Economy

Jobs in the transportation industry are so vast – for those in the enlisted ranks, all the way up to senior officers – that the only place a job seeker can go wrong is signing up with a company that isn’t right for them, recruiters say. This is especially true in the trucking arena, which… Read more »

An Interview Is A Critical Component Of Every Civilian Job Search

Simply stated, an interview is a two party interaction during which each side investigates the other to find compatibility. The potential employer evaluates the candidate’s qualifications, potential, interest level and requirements. The candidate in turn determines the organization’s ability to satisfy his or her needs. Click here for full article.

The Hurdles of Military Spouse Unemployment and How To Overcome Them

Among the more than 14 million Americans struggling to find work, the men and women married to military personnel face hurdles that other job seekers don’t.  According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8.4 percent of military spouses were seeking jobs and couldn’t find one, compared to 5.3 percent of spouses in… Read more »

Volunteering Brings New Contacts to Military Job Seekers

Volunteering brings new contacts, skill sets, and opportunities for work experience to transitioning military job seekers. If you’re looking for work, consider volunteering as an integral part of your job-search strategy. Consider the benefits: Volunteering looks great on a military resume. It compensates for gaps in your work history while you are transitioning from the… Read more »

THE “R” WORD – Economic Recession and the Military

Are we in a recession?  Are we headed for one?  Ask enough “experts” and you can get whatever answer you like.  Regardless of the answer, military personnel who are in the separation pipeline or thinking about entering it need to consider the impact of the R word on their job search. I have been through… Read more »

What’s Behind Curtain Number 3?

With 30 years of candidate placement behind me, the rear view mirror is full. One thing that is clear to me but may surprise you is that half of all military to civilian job seekers end their job searches by going to work for a company they never heard of and/or in a job they… Read more »

NY Times feature: “From the Armed Forces to the Workforce”

The New York Times recently featured an article entitled, “From the Armed Forces to the Workforce” by Eilene Zimmerman, that addresses frequently asked questions regarding military to civilian job searches and resumes.  For example, it answers the questions: Should you work with a recruiter? and How do you translate your military experience into terms that… Read more »