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From Intern to Hire, SkillBridge Program a Win for Bradley-Morris

The best way to hire veterans may be through a SkillBridge internship. It certainly proved to be a win for Bradley-Morris, Inc. The nation’s largest military-to-civilian recruiting firm onboarded Tyler Bloecher through Skillbridge and hired him for good a few months later. The Navy veteran enlisted at age 18. He later earned an officer commission… Read more »

Military Success Traits – Communication

One of the first skills I was taught in the Navy was to repeat back all orders. It’s another of the military success traits – communication. Repeat back the order to insure the proper instruction or guidance was received. It works. This is a military success trait that has served me well throughout my professional… Read more »

Lessons Learned In The Military

Like many students today, Milton Hathaway started his post-college life with nothing but debt and dreams. His life’s ambition was to be financially successful. How did the 28-year retired Lt. Colonel get there? Today, after high-level achievement in the military, banking and industry, he owns Mountaintop Services, Inc., managing a portfolio of businesses ranging from… Read more »

Corporate Culture Is Different Than Military Culture

When it comes to business etiquette, knowing the nuances of corporate America will place you ahead of the pack – not just apart from fellow military veterans who are vying for the same job during the interview process, but also among your future civilian colleagues. Read full article here.    

Military Veterans To Fill the Role Of Field Service Engineers

Read this article to learn why companies like Eaton, RS&A, GE, and Hitachi HVB target military experience. On any given day at cancer treatment facilities, oncology medical equipment needs servicing. And, when it breaks down unexpectedly, stress can be high for medical staff members. That’s why RS&A, Inc. (Radiotherapy Simulators & Accelerators) highly prizes military… Read more »

Healthcare Rules for Transitioning Military

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: I am transitioning out in 2014 and I’m confused about the new healthcare laws, specifically the individual shared responsibility provision under the Affordable Care Act. Will I need to carry health insurance immediately on the day I transition out or face a fine? What are the… Read more »

Enter The Civilian Interview Armed With Valuable Information

Knowledge has a significant impact on the success or failure of an interview: knowledge of self, knowledge of the position and knowledge of the company. This issue’s column focuses on the third of the three. The interviewer must know that you care and see that you worked hard to prepare. Simply accepting the invitation to… Read more »

Supplemental Education and Training for Military

Whether to pursue supplemental education and training for military is a question many veterans must consider. Do an inventory. List all post-high school formal and informal academic, professional, and technical training. Indicate whether or not courses were completed, degrees were conferred, licenses were issued, certificates were awarded, or requirements were met. “Is additional education appropriate… Read more »

Negotiation of Salaries for Veterans

A piece of the military to civilian transition that is rarely considered until it one is faced with it is negotiation of salaries for veterans. Military job seekers may want to review these tips from Tom Wolfe, Career Coach: What is the corporate culture? Although you can attempt to negotiate an offer, there is no… Read more »

Transocean Case Study: Military Service Members Have What It Takes

Transocean enlists Bradley-Morris, Inc. to assist in hiring candidates for their rigorous on and off shore training program. With the pressing effort to hire the 25 individuals from the U.S. for the one-time training program, Transocean called on Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) to assist. Knowing that military service members have what it takes to make it… Read more »