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Bradley-Morris Post Military Jobs Case Study: Michelin North America

See how Michelin North America accomplishes their hiring goals using Bradley-Morris, Inc. ConferenceHire events, in this case study. To help overcome this challenge, Michelin North America turned to Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) to assist them with targeting candidates who have military leadership experience, a trait that Michelin has come to value highly, as well as other… Read more »

Veterans Start Their Own Franchises

Veterans may find that franchising is an appealing option when transitioning out of the military. “Franchising boasts some amazing statistics, such as more than 300 franchises are sold every week and one in every 12 businesses in the U.S. is a franchise. Franchises also stimulate America’s economy, as they employ more than 18 million Americans… Read more »

Military Recruiting Services Case Study: Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.

Here’s another case study from a company taking advantage of BMI’s military recruiting services to assist with their growing human resources needs. A senior level workforce approaching retirement age coupled with the explosive growth in business presented HMSA with a challenging human resources need. Find the full case study here.

Military Community

Whether you are anticipating another PCS move or a major military-to-civilian career transition for whatever reason, change is going to happen. “The winds of change within the greater military community are certainly stirring. Sequestration, once thought to be a simple deterrent to inaction, is quickly becoming an all too in-our-face reality.” Read full article here.

Credit Check of a Military Job Seeker

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. “Q: I know that most employers do background checks, but I’ve heard that they can also do credit checks. I’m not even sure what my credit looks like. Would a credit check of a military job seeker that revealed bad credit disqualify me from a job?“ Find… Read more »

Transitioning Military are Hired for Operations Management

In this article, Tom Wolfe explains how a career in the military has prepared many of you for a career in logistics / transportation. “I provide the Nation’s warfighters of all services what they need, when they need it, where they need it.” That phrase is part of the motto and creed of the U…. Read more »

Military for Maintenance Programs

I recently had a great performance feedback call with a new client. We delivered military-experienced technical leadership for the employer, and the resulting team is building a world-class preventative maintenance program at the company. When discussing military for maintenance programs, some of the benefits included: – Turnkey program: While these candidates came from various units… Read more »

Junior Military Officers (JMOs) in Sales

“Nothing happens until someone sells something”. Not sure who said it, maybe Peter Drucker, but it’s very true. How about, “Your product makes no profit on the shelf.” I said that! No matter how you say it, your company’s front line leaders for capturing market share are your sales people. The successful ones are dynamic,… Read more »

Military Adaptive Leaders for your local market

When hiring a military-experienced leader, you’re getting a leader trained in adaptability. With their changing operational environment and modern mission, the skill set of the military’s mid-level managers, the JMO (Junior Military Officer), had to evolve. To meet these demands, the modern-military has designed adaptability and creative thinking into their training doctrine. See Adaptive Leadership in the Military Decision Making Process… Read more »

Military and Diversity

The Military History of African Americans predates the history of America considering their role in the American Revolution. The U.S. military has long understood the value of diversity. As such, they are on the leading edge of a diversity and inclusion culture. The men and women I meet during their transition see past differences in… Read more »