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Personal Information: Off Limits? How to Handle Illegal Interview Questions

Questions regarding religion, race, sexual preference, age, children, and disability should be off the table when it comes to interviewing in corporate America. Some government job openings may prohibit the hiring of certain persons based on gender, age, and disability, but chances are you will not make it to the interview process if you fall… Read more »

Age discrimination on the rise in tough times: How to prevent it

While illegal and unethical, age discrimination exists in today’s job market. In fact, surveys say that age discrimination rises when times are tough. Because the largest percentage of its clients is preparing to retire from the military, is particularly sensitive to the plight of a more seasoned military job seeker. You can’t change cultural… Read more »

What to do if you find yourself unemployed

On Tuesday, April 14th, ABC’s The View hosted these guests: Andrew Serwer – Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine Marcus Buckingham – Career expert, and author of The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success, Tory Johnson – Author of Will Work From Home: Earn Cash Without the Commute. Each guest espoused excellent advice on how… Read more »

Can Soft Skills Make or Break You on a Military Resume?

In an article recently posted on Yahoo! HotJobs entitled, “Six Soft Skills that Could Land you the Job,” Larry Buhl entertains the notion that intangible qualities could give job seekers the competitive edge.So in other words, if there are two equally qualified candidates competing for the same job opening, the candidate who, for example, “works… Read more »