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Lessons Learned In The Military

Like many students today, Milton Hathaway started his post-college life with nothing but debt and dreams. His life’s ambition was to be financially successful. How did the 28-year retired Lt. Colonel get there? Today, after high-level achievement in the military, banking and industry, he owns Mountaintop Services, Inc., managing a portfolio of businesses ranging from… Read more »

Post-Military Life

Your post-military life can be important to discuss during what we call The Talk. “In the end, the timing of The Talk is irrelevant. The important thing is to have it in the first place and use it as a starting point for making your career transition together a successful one.” It doesn’t have to… Read more »

Find Your Post-Military Career

Many organizations profile their jobs before they begin the recruiting process. Read this article to learn about what employers are looking for so you can find your post-military career. In this issue, you will find the 2013 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military®. What is unique about the MVE list is that the eligible companies… Read more »