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How to Tackle the MOST Dreaded Interview Question

If you have been methodically executing a well-prepared a job search strategy and had your military resume prepared or reviewed by a professional military resume writer, chances are it is time to start thinking about interviewing. If there is one question an interviewee can bank on, it is the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself.” Most… Read more »

7 Things You Need to Know Before Writing Your Military Resume

In a recent article, entitled “What Not to Do: 7 Ways to Ruin Your Resume,” posted on CBS’s, Hilary Chura discusses the 7 deadly sins of resume writing which, if committed, could send your military resume straight to the “circular file”.  While I’ve discussed nearly all of these “sins” in the past, it never hurts… Read more »

New Year, New Job: Resolve to Invigorate Your Military Resume and Job Search

Like it or not, 2010 is here. Whether you’ve been pounding the job search pavement for months or your military retirement looms on the distant horizon, there is no better time to rethink, or start thinking about, your job search strategy and military resume. Make it your New Year’s resolution to establish an up-to-date job… Read more »

Department of Labor Announces Grants for Veterans Interested in Green Jobs

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced that 17 grants, totaling more than $7.5 million, will go to approximately 3,000 veterans to help them succeed in veteran employment and civilian careers. The grants are being awarded under the U.S. Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Workforce Investment Program (VWIP). Read the entire press release. Emphasis will be… Read more »

Personal Information: Off Limits? How to Handle Illegal Interview Questions

Questions regarding religion, race, sexual preference, age, children, and disability should be off the table when it comes to interviewing in corporate America. Some government job openings may prohibit the hiring of certain persons based on gender, age, and disability, but chances are you will not make it to the interview process if you fall… Read more »