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Common Threads: How to Write Military Resumes for Civilian Audiences

Translating military experience into not only relatable, but hotly-pursued skill sets is the perpetual challenge faced by military job seekers across the globe. has featured articles on this topic, but it doesn’t hurt to revisit such a widely contemplated and often frustrating topic. In “Word it right: How to craft a résumé recruiters will… Read more »

Guidelines for Emailing a Military Resume

Afraid your military resume is heading straight for a spam folder? Here’s how to increase the odds of your military resume being read by a recruiter or hiring manager when sending it via email. The first question about e-mailing your military resume is whether to send it as an attachment or just paste it into… Read more »

Give Your Military Resume a Human Voice

I recently stumbled upon a Yahoo! Hotjobs blog post by Liz Ryan, a 25-year HR veteran and former Fortune 500 VP, entitled, “10 Boilerplate Phrases that Kill Resumes”. In it she explains that one of the biggest shifts in the job market from years gone by is what constitutes an attention-grabbing resume. The following is… Read more »