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Veterans Have Been Matched with Service Dogs

James Cadieux is a decorated Vietnam-era veteran with a message for other veterans with disabilities: “If you have a chance to have a service dog, it will change your life forever. Guaranteed.” Cadieux and his service dog Cruiser, a chocolate lab, are constant companions, and the two have become a familiar sight around Myrtle Beach,… Read more »

Political Conversation In A Civilian Interview

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: I was in an interview recently and the conversation veered toward politics. It was awkward and I had no idea how to respond. I looked it up and it doesn’t appear to be illegal to discuss my political views, but I felt uncomfortable. I have two questions:… Read more »

Great Workplaces for Transitioning Veterans

In this article, find information about what to look for when searching for a military-minded employer. What’s encouraging is that not only are there lots of organizations out there that are focused on offering positive work environments, a growing number of them are committed to providing great workplaces for transitioning veterans. She points to several… Read more »

Are Resumes Trendy?

by Carolyn Heinze As silly as it sounds, resumes are a bit like fashion: there are many different styles, many different designers, and even more opinions on what’s in and what’s out. While there is no secret format that guarantees landing a position (or even just an interview), there are a number of elements that… Read more »

Start Your Military-to-Civilian Transition Off Right

Judy,’s popular guest writer and resident expert on the talents of veterans and corporate America, offers military job seekers insight on today’s job market and outlines the first step to a successful job search. In the following article, she tells transitioning veterans not to put the cart before the horse so to speak. To conduct the most efficient job… Read more »

I’m Getting Out of the Military… Now What? (as Featured on

I recently wrote an article for JibberJobberUSA entitled, “I’m Getting Out of the Military… Now What?” It features advice to help military job seekers transition into real jobs, specifically translating military experience, structuring a job search plan of attack, and taking advantage of free military job search assistance and resources. The following is an excerpt:… Read more »

Military Bearing: Interview Friend or Foe?

Recently, the Fist Full of Talent blog posted a topic on “How Recruiters Can Get Comfortable in Interviews with Veterans”.  I found it extremely interesting that a blog for “Recruiters, HR, Consultants, and Corporate Types” offered advice to interviewers on how to properly interpret military bearing.  The following is an excerpt: “The problem is that… Read more »