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Find a Comfortable Home in the Healthcare Industry

While the thought of leaving the known for the unknown may cause your heart to palpitate and your blood pressure to rise, you can get a grip on things if you sit back and relax. If you were a betting man or woman, you would want to consider placing your money on the healthcare industry…. Read more »

Veterans Share Their Technical Training and Leadership Skills

If you are a veteran seeking a civilian job in 2015, the Energy industry offers a variety of career choices in the new year and beyond. For example, employment in the oil and natural gas industry is expected to grow “faster than the average for all occupations” through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of… Read more »

Powerful Tools In Your Transition Toolbox

When TAP first appeared 20-plus years ago, it ran for five hours and participation was voluntary. Now it takes a week and attendance is mandatory, although retirees may opt out. The mission and content of TAP is important, but you might miss out on some critical information, especially in the job hunting and interviewing components… Read more »

Your Job Posting for Military and Hiring Managers

Job postings and the use of keywords are vital to attracting veterans to open positions. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in the corporate realm, especially if there is a high volume of postings, leave little room for modification of the keywords and little creativity. If you are working with an ATS that allows you to edit… Read more »

Are Resumes Trendy?

by Carolyn Heinze As silly as it sounds, resumes are a bit like fashion: there are many different styles, many different designers, and even more opinions on what’s in and what’s out. While there is no secret format that guarantees landing a position (or even just an interview), there are a number of elements that… Read more »

Start Your Military-to-Civilian Transition Off Right

Judy,’s popular guest writer and resident expert on the talents of veterans and corporate America, offers military job seekers insight on today’s job market and outlines the first step to a successful job search. In the following article, she tells transitioning veterans not to put the cart before the horse so to speak. To conduct the most efficient job… Read more »