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Award Brings Credibility to Veteran Hiring Initiatives

Once again, Bradley-Morris earned recognition for its veteran hiring initiative. For a second consecutive year, the company received the HIRE Vets Medallion award from the United States Department of Labor. It is the sole honor awarded at the federal level for hiring veterans. Enacted in 2017, the Honoring Investments in Recruiting American Military Veterans Act of… Read more »

5 Myths Regarding Hiring Veterans

Well into my second decade of helping employers hire military, I’ve talked with literally thousands of employers about recruiting veterans. Many times, I will have to overcome objections regarding service men and women’s capabilities as civilian employees. Here are the most common 5 myths regarding hiring veterans that I hear. 1). A veteran’s skills aren’t… Read more »

Military Order Is Project Management In Civilian Terms

A 2002 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Eric Boone’s goal was to one day command his own ship. Boone, now 34, became CEO of the Hartford Parking Authority in 2013. Click here to read the full article.

Veterans Are Finding Their Calling In Franchising

It was 2002, and Andrew Wilson – then, an Army First Lieutenant – sat in a tent in Afghanistan, listening to the rumble of artillery. During that rare moment of downtime in a war zone, he decided to thumb through a Fortune magazine. What this platoon leader found in its pages altered his post-military career trajectory, catapulting… Read more »

Preparing To Transition From The Battlefield

Today’s veterans are preparing to transition from the battlefield back to civilian life in record numbers. The tools, landscape and resources needed to become competitive and relevant in a civilian job are more challenging than ever. Read full article here.  

How does military experience bridge the skills gap?

The skills gap is one of the most talked about trends in hiring. Talent acquisition professionals are scrambling to find the right candidate in a skills biased market. Are you losing to your business competitors because you can’t find the skills to grow your business? If you’ve considered veterans as a solution, you might ask… Read more »

Working To Help Veterans Find Jobs

Each month we will be listing everything a service member needs to know about transitioning, from A to Z. This month, we tackle “G” and “H”. Humor is the best weapon any of us have against the daily grind. Rest assured, there are hundreds of organizations working to help veterans find jobs, but there are… Read more »

P&G for Transitioning Military

West Point Grad, Bob McDonald, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering in 1975, graduating in the top 2% of his class. Twenty years later, McDonald would head one of the world’s most powerful companies as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of The Procter & Gamble Company. Veterans provide greater diversity to the… Read more »

Military Personnel and Veterans

The “Top 40 Under 40 Military” – Military Transition News’ list of 40 top performing military personnel and veterans under the age of 40 has been announced.  They are MBA students, entrepreneurs – and even a stone mason – all with a history of service. But they universally share stories of heroics, self-sacrifice and altruism… Read more »

Job Opportunities Available for Veterans

When veterans look for a post-military career, one of the key skills is “Explore”. In this article about the A to Zs of veteran job seeking, the “E” stands for “Explore” and “Eggs”. In part, it reads: “E”: Explore and Eggs You’ve probably spent the past few years thinking about your transition to civilian life,… Read more »