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Student Veterans

Armando Davila served in the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry from 2001 to 2005. It was when he began pursuing career-oriented civilian positions that he learned his military experience alone wasn’t enough for those who were doing the hiring. What’s more, “experience,” while valued, still requires additional skills and even a diploma, which is exactly what… Read more »

Military to Franchise Ownership

See the story below of two veterans using VetFran to help them create their civilian franchising careers. Roger Gauert and Jeff Olson own two completely different types of business franchises: Gauert has two Sport Clips – hair-cutting franchises in Maryland. Olson has one Papa Murphy’s – a take-and-bake pizza franchise in Wisconsin. But, both have… Read more »

Negotiation of Salaries for Veterans

A piece of the military to civilian transition that is rarely considered until it one is faced with it is negotiation of salaries for veterans. Military job seekers may want to review these tips from Tom Wolfe, Career Coach: What is the corporate culture? Although you can attempt to negotiate an offer, there is no… Read more »

Case Study: Your Future with Rowan Companies

Rowan seeks to diversify their workforce by engaging the transitioning military demographic.  See how Bradley-Morris, Inc. assists. The company is expanding operations into the ultra-deep water market in 2013 as they build four new drill ships that house 200 employees apiece creating a need to fill potentially 800 positions. While some positions will be filled… Read more »

Employers of Military Veterans

Congratulations to the 2013 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military® for ensuring that your corporate culture honors those who have served.  To the many MVEs who hire veterans as part of their HR model, we thank you. When you get right down to it, employers of military veterans, companies like those that make up… Read more »

Veterans in the Energy Industry

This article highlights why the energy industry may be a good target for veterans seeking jobs. Ann Randazzo, Executive Director of the Center for Energy Workforce Development, is quoted in the piece: …Veterans shouldn’t box themselves into the line of thinking that their skills or experience won’t dovetail into a successful job in the energy… Read more »

Corporate Recruitment Action Series: Strategy for Hiring Military

This series of posts is focused on narrowing down the field of viable resources to fulfill the commitment to hiring military. After a recent conversation with a staffing firm owner, it was clear to me that a consistent message continues to emerge all across the U.S. in every business setting: “There are too many people promoting… Read more »

So Why is it So Difficult for Military Veterans to Translate their Skills Into Civilian Language?

One of my favorite topics to teach recruiters and hiring managers is how to align military skill sets with civilian positions.  And I am always asked, “Why is it so hard for military members to translate their skills into something a civilian recruiter can understand?”  So, allow me to explain why this is such a… Read more »

The Portable Employee

Judy,’s popular guest writer and resident expert on the talents of veterans and corporate America, offers military job seekers insight on the evolving nature of civilian career paths in today’s job market.  While veterans are used to advancing vertically, today’s workforce is advancing outwardly.  Surprisingly, veterans  may be even better equipped to adapt to this… Read more »

“The Unemployed Need Not Apply” – Why Companies with That Attitude are Hurting Veterans

There was huge buzz earlier this week around an article in the Huffington Post entitled “Disturbing Job Ads: ‘The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered’”.  Apparently there are companies out there (and not just small employers, but some big names as well) that have decided it is easier to filter out potential applicants by using that… Read more »