My experience with Bradley-Morris has been wonderful. The BMI staff performed wonderfully and really did a great job of helping place me in the profession of my choice. I arrived at the conference uncertain of the outcome. When construction management with KB Homes was offered at the BMI conference in Atlanta, I jumped at the idea of taking a job that wasn’t behind a desk but was out in the field. The job paid equivalent to my O-3 pay. I was amazed how Bradley-Morris continually followed-up with me to see how I was progressing. NONE OF THE OTHERS CALLED ME AS MUCH AS BRADLEY-MORRIS TO KEEP ME INFORMED… I LOVED IT. Everything in the end came together and I was placed with a job, in the location of my choice, and it was the kind of work I was looking for. Thanks again Greg and Tina!

Bejan Nouri, KB Home, Construction Navy, Surface Warfare

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