After 21 years in the military, I was a little skeptical whether I would be able to land a job that could support my family. I heard all the horror stories from previous retirees who couldn’t find a job before their terminal leave was up. What I found was that number one, you have to be willing to relocate. Number two, the skills learned in the military go a long way in the civilian sector. The things we as military personnel take for granted in our everyday routine are highly sought after by big companies. Now I needed to find a company that I thought would be able to use my skills. Bradley-Morris gave me that opportunity and pointed me in the right direction. The rest was up to me (that first impression really does count). I never dreamed that I could find the job that I did. I owe it all to the people at Bradley-Morris. They had the confidence in me, stood behind me and negotiated a great contract. I can now rest a little easier at night knowing that I can support my family. Thank you Bradley-Morris.

James Viviano, Supervisor / Facilitator MRA Systems, Inc. Air Force, Aircraft Maintenance

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