Robert Walker was very helpful throughout the hiring process! He kept the contact flowing between myself and the client even as it appeared the process was stalling. He was very informative and sent several e-mails with tips for the interview and site visits.

Paul, Associate Production Supervisor who served in the Air Force

I used other JMO-only recruiting firms prior to Bradley-Morris mainly because they had “Training Plans” to help you be successful. The downfalls to those programs were the fact that they were unrealistic in their expectations for the candidates. They required workshops and webinars that consumed an immense amount of time that I did not have. Ultimately they did not work out for me because of the preset timelines you were required to follow instead of allowing you to go at your own pace. Both firms seemed to tell you what to do and who to be rather than allow you to build on your strengths to be successful.

Bradley-Morris is a premier job placement organization for military professionals. Bradley-Morris provided me with the necessary skills and guidance to be successful. I went into each interview with confidence knowing that I was prepared to amaze my future employers. I strongly recommend Bradley-Morris to other Military professionals looking for their next career.

Colin, Production Supervisor who served in the Army

I used a number of military recruiters for my transition, the folks from Bradley-Morris surpassed all others not only in terms of quality, but in quantity and diversity of opportunities. I would not be where I am in an upper management position at a promising Fortune 500 company without the folks at Bradley-Morris.

Abel, Area Manager who served in the Army

Overall, a good experience for me. I would like to thank all the recruiters that worked with me. I would like to especially thank the two people who helped me land the job opportunity, Mike Landers and Rob Lankford. Rob Reckner, thank you for the interview material. Ross Derring, I would like to thank you for the amount of work you put in on my behalf, even though I did not end up landing the job you were working on with me!

Samuel, Plant Maintenance Tech who served in the Army

Jonathan Gabb was absolutely amazing. We had some issues maintaining contact with the corporate recruiter but he stayed on him and I got an amazing job offer at a company that most people could only dream of working for. Thank you so much to BMI, Jonathan Gabb and John Heck.

Wesley, Field Service Technician who served in the Navy

BMI was the difference maker in finding a great job! I struggled for several years after retirement trying to find a rewarding career with minimal success. My recruiter, Robert Walker, was relentless in his efforts to not just find a job, but a rewarding career utilizing all the skills and attributes I bring to the table. Mr. Walker was instrumental in getting me more than I thought was possible. Big thanks to Robert Walker and the BMI organization.

Noah, Associate Production Supervisor who served in the Army

It is my pleasure and privilege to express my sincere appreciation for the entire Bradley-Morris, Inc. team as a whole for their excellent work and dedication in not only developing and building favorable relationships with transitioning service members but with also building coalitions with top tier employer clients. I would be remiss if I did not shine a special spotlight on Greg Kern as he displayed great professionalism and masterfully connected me, an Army Veteran who is wired for performance, with the perfect opportunity in Corporate America. Greg’s communication and expertise in this transition process from Day 1 exceeded my expectations and I want to thank him and the rest of the Bradley-Morris team for their earnest support. I strongly endorse Bradley-Morris and encourage all Veterans of the Armed Forces to utilize the services of the high caliber professionals at Bradley-Morris.

Stephon, Fulfillment Manager who served in the Army

Within a couple of days of signing up, Brian Howe contacted me for location/job preferences and improved my resume. Within a week I had been given three interview opportunities, the following week I had an interview (which Brian talked me through the night before), and slightly more than six weeks from when I contacted Bradley Morris, I had my first day at the type of job I had requested and with a much higher than expected salary. I have recommended Bradley Morris to multiple colleagues that are and will be transitioning out of the military.

David, Team Leader who served in the Air Force

Ryan Remley and Mike Landers at Bradley-Morris were extremely helpful during my search for a job in the civilian sector, I highly recommend their expertise. I thoroughly appreciated their time and effort with my job search. My BMI experience was exceptional. Junior Military Officers (JMO) have a lot to be proud of with their accomplishments and resume. BMI finds a way to represent and position JMOs for success. BMI made this transition period easy for me. I found multiple companies that appreciate my leadership and management experience from a military standpoint. Thank you, BMI!

Richard, Project Engineer who served in the Marine Corps

Graham Morris was sensational from the very beginning of search. He called me on a Friday and by the following Monday, I had an interview scheduled. Rick Jones was also outstanding. The relationships that he’s cultivated expedited my on-boarding process at my new job. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about BMI. I have already recommended you to every former service member that I know. Thank you again for all your help in changing the course of my life forever.

James, Chemical Manufacturing Operator who served in the Navy