I always felt like Bradley-Morris was aggressively pursuing opportunities for me. They work with many companies to align their needs with the skills available for job seekers leaving the military, and provide guidance to veterans on how to succeed during the interview and site visit process, in addition to helping veterans in their transition once they start their new career. I highly recommend them to any veteran entering the civilian workforce and for companies looking to hire veterans.

Brad, General Manager who served in the Navy

Professional, friendly, genuine, and worked with me to find the right fit.

Jesse, Site Manager who served in the Coast Guard

Around the clock support, personable employees, employees are not just trying to find you a job to get you off their hands – they try to find you a career you’ll love for years!

Conner, Field Service Engineer who served in the Marine Corps

I thoroughly liked the constant communication with the recruiters from start to finish. Additionally, I liked the fact that the recruiters were 110% dedicated to helping me find the right career which matched my background and experience level. I’m just speechless as to how pleased I am with Bradley-Morris and have already been referring my previous military co-workers to looking into the services Bradley-Morris provides, hands down Bradley-Morris is the best of the best! You all have been great through the entire process from sending me job notices to selecting me as a candidate for positions which I wanted to pursue, and then through the hiring process with those companies ultimately leading to me finally finding the right one; I’m completely satisfied!

Other services focused mainly on filling temporary or contract positions which I was not really interested in and another military veteran hiring firm revolves around setting candidates up to attend group interviews with multiple employers at one place at one time, but it was not for me as I was on limited income from being unemployed and having financial responsibilities that I could not afford to travel to those locations as I looked for work. I needed to find work with a company that if they truly were interested in me they would be willing to get me there as the company I ended up getting employed with dedicated themselves to me and I, in return, am dedicated to that company in the job I’m about to begin soon! I’m just so happy with Bradley-Morris!!!

Bradley-Morris IS hands down the Best of the Best!!! It was a complete team effort between my recruiters and myself doing everything we could to find me the right match! The communication back and forth was amazing and I loved the coaching and mentoring through the hiring process as I have been military the last 24 years so I didn’t really ever have to go through a hiring process like this before so advice I received from Bradley-Morris made the transition to the civilian career seamless! Thank you so much to the entire Bradley-Morris team! I have utmost respect for what you do and the great people on your team!

David, Maintenance Technician who served in the Navy

Bradley Morris not only made transitioning from the military to civilian life a cakewalk, but they have also made transitioning from careers after military service painless too. They allowed me to see the true potential of what my experience in the service is worth and gave me a path which I followed in order to keep my life in order. If you’re a veteran looking to return to civilian life, Bradley-Morris is who you need to contact to keep a step ahead.

Richard, Customer Support Engineer who served in the Navy

Bradley-Morris was incredibly helpful at providing clarity to the job searching process. The representatives are professional and provided the information that enabled me to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend their service for anyone looking for a new and exciting career opportunity.

Colin, Consultant who served in the Marine Corps

Jennifer, Bobby, and Geoff were responsive and constructive in my search for a good company. I feel that BMI works hard to find the right candidate for the right job. The pre-interviews, and constructive criticism helped me to prepare for the initial interview with the potential employer. They also helped to make sure that the job fit my skill set. I would advise any military Veteran to seek BMI’s services. (At my current job, I met two people recruited through BMI, and are happy with the choice so far.)

I love my new job, and the fact that most here are also Military vets. I feel more comfortable in this environment and find that the equipment is a good fit for what I wanted to work with, based on my experience. So far it is a great fit ( I have been on board for 5 weeks now). I would recommend BMI to anyone, and have.

John, Field Service Representative who served in the Navy

The initiative and motivation of your recruiters is outstanding. I had given up on Bradley-Morris because I could not find a job in my area. Finally, a job posting appeared and my interactions with the folks at Bradley-Morris were so helpful and seamless. Big shout out to Garrett Reed for his persistence and to Jonathan Gabb for his help.

Paul, Customer Support Engineer who served in the Marine Corps

I like the friendly customer service and everyone made me feel as if I were a priority to them. I highly recommend Bradley-Morris as well as stand by them for any Military Veteran who finds him/herself transitioning out of the military into the (Real) world. The associates at BMI will guide you through every step of the way until they get you placed in a position that best suits you and your talents.

Jerrell, Maintenance Technician who served in the Air Force

Bradley-Morris, Inc. is a company that takes pride in assisting service members in finding their next career after retiring or separating from the military. The personnel at work as a team to find service-members employment. I met a Bradley-Morris associate at a military job fair, the individual told me that the company specializes in finding work for service members who are returning home or maybe just moving to another area, neither of which was true for me. Nevertheless, the associate asked me for my resume and told me that he didn’t have anything currently, but he had some contacts at a company that might be looking for someone in my trade. That company wasn’t hiring, but I received a call from another Bradley-Morris associate about a week or two later and he had found me a position. Bradley-Morris set up an interview with the company and I went in and automatically went to the top of the company’s list because Bradley-Morris took my qualifications and found the perfect job for me. The company set up a second interview with me so I could meet with other Senior employees prior to being offered a position. The second interviews went swimmingly and the company made me an offer that day. The company was so excited to have me join their team, they made my job part-time until I officially go on terminal leave. Bradley-Morris is a company that I will recommend to all the service-members I meet who are looking for employment.

John, Clean Room Manager who served in the Navy