Excellent company! Focused on my career path the whole time. Tremendously helped my transition and eliminated a lot of stress. I will spread the word to other service members. It’s been a pleasure.

Joseph, First Line Maintenance Supervisor who served in the Air Force

The recruiter handling my opportunities was very friendly and professional. I also like that when the company with the position I originally was applying for called to ask if he thought I would be interested in a different position, he reached out right away. I would highly recommend Bradley-Morris to any veteran of our Armed Forces. Even though it has been years since I was in the Engineering field, they still worked with me to find a fit for me with both my previous experience and my newer experience in customer service. Mike Landers was a pleasure to work with.

Jessica, Sales Engineer who served in the Navy

I signed up with an account and started browsing jobs in locations all over the U.S. About 1 month later I had a job. It does not get much better than that. Recruiters are very friendly and are interested only in veterans’ best interests.

Dylan, Maintenance Technician who served in the Navy

Second time finding a job using Bradley-Morris, each time has been quick and easy. They helped me push myself and strive for a job I could be proud of instead just taking the first job offered.

Kyle, Service Technician who served in the Navy

The assistance is valuable and they are here to make sure Vets have an opportunity to do meaningful jobs and get paid for their skills. Jennifer Hadac has been great to work with; she’s involved and informative and willing to help with issues and questions even after you are hired-on.

Wallace, Inspector who served in the Navy

Bradley-Morris facilitated the entire process from beginning to end and helped me land my dream job! I was in constant communication with the recruiters and they truly made the entire hiring process stress-free. Thank you BMI!

Eric, Electric Distribution Operator who served in the Navy

Great company for any veteran trying to get a job with companies that pay very well.

Martarnol, Chemical Production Technician who served in the Marine Corps

Extremely helpful in every single aspect of transitioning from military to civilian. From Resume writing, interview preparations, to mentoring. Robert Corcoran guided me step by step and I truly appreciate his help. He helped and mentored me through every step. Greg Kern helped me greatly as well, his mentoring skills are also greatly appreciated!

Isai, Equipment Maintenance Technician who served in the Navy

Very responsive, actually took time to talk to me and ask me questions to identify jobs that would be a good fit based on personality. Resume building was awesome!

Philip, Area Manager who served in the Marine Corps

Bradley-Morris was tenacious with finding positions I would be interested in. During phone calls about these positions it was very easy to say no when I didn’t like something knowing the recruiter wouldn’t take it personally and would get right back to finding something that would make me happy.

Kyle, Customer Service Engineer who served in the Navy