I really enjoyed the job alert feature and how consistent representatives were in following through on an application process. A great company to work with!

Andrew, Field Service Technician who served in the Navy

Constant communication! Constant feedback. I always felt like someone was working on helping me achieve my dream job!

Shaiema, Field Engineer who served in the Navy

There was a steady stream of offers coming to me everyday. Every person I spoke with was very respectful and friendly especially Brian Howe and Jennifer Hadac. By the time I took an offer I felt like I talked Brian so much we could be considered friends all very professional. Bradley-Morris and their team of professionals are setting the standard of what a military recruitment firm should be. They are professional and friendly and very helpful!

Dylan, Field Technician who served in the Navy

Bradley-Morris got me the Field Service job that I had looked for for quite some time. Sam Corean redid my resume and Jennifer Hadac assisted me daily. Wish I would have know about BMI years ago!!

Michael, Field Service Technician who served in the Marine Corps

I am a 21 year Navy veteran and I would like to say this was a very simple and easy process. Staff just asked me to send them a resume, some skills, where I’d like to work. Within days I had many opportunities laid out before me and in a short time I had interviews followed by a job offer. The staff is very nice, accommodating, and genuinely seem concerned trying to find you the opportunity that you will be happy with. Thank you to the staff for the help that you have shown me. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my family’s life.

Christopher, Production Supervisor who served in the Navy

Neal Wheeler was excellent at keeping in touch with me. He promptly returned phone calls and was instrumental in making sure that I had done all the right paperwork and sent the right emails.

Stephen, Field Service Engineer who served in the Navy

I’m a 1LT in the Army National Guard and I was having dinner with my Company Commander one drill weekend when I mentioned to him that I was not happy with my job and I was looking to go elsewhere. He mentioned to me about the services of Bradley-Morris and I signed up the next day. Over a year later, through numerous opportunities presented to me and countless interviews, I was extended an offer from a great employer who I am very much looking forward to working for. This is all thanks to Bradley-Morris.

Jared, Production Supervisor who served in the Army

It was a long road but Bradley-Morris kept looking and sending me opportunities. They kept a positive attitude during the entire process. This made is easier for me to continue to work with them.

Stanford, Shift Supervisor who served in the Navy

Graham Morris was timely and handled all my concerns quickly, I never felt like I was out of the loop on anything. He was awesome to work with and helped me find a great job, helped me through the process, and coordinated any questions for the company in a timely manner.

Steven, Manufacturing Supervisor who served in the Army

A fantastic service, as long as you are transparent about where you’re looking to move to, how much you’re willing to make, and what sort of job you’re interested in relative to your experience, Bradley-Morris will work with you and do their best to find you prospective positions. Their turn-around time from showing an interest in a position to be contacted by a recruiter is usually same day or next day. The recruiters do their best to set you up for success with the interview and their instructional material related to performing positively in the interview goes a long way. If you run into any issues along the way, just be transparent with the recruiters and they will work with you.

Giovani, Field Service Representative who served in the Navy