I have a wife and five kids, and I am retiring from the military. I was nervous about getting a job. I went on-line and signed up with Bradley-Morris. A recruiter called me and started walking me through the job process. He even helped me with my resume. I went to off-conference job interviews and to the BMI Hiring Conference in Chicago. They prepped me for the interviews, which helped me greatly, because these were the first interviews in my life. I went to four interviews on Monday. On my way home, I received a telephone call from Bradley-Morris telling me that all the companies that I had an interview with wanted to see me again. Bradley-Morris told me what to wear for each interview and gave me advice on how to conduct myself. I guess it works because each company made me an offer. It felt good to have options. I’d like to say thanks to all the recruiters from Bradley-Morris.

Saul, Production Supervisor who served in the U.S. Army

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