Bradley-Morris Military Job Placement Firm Case Study - NSK

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NSK Corporation and Military Job Placement Firm Bradley-Morris, Inc. Work Together to Fill Specialized Engineering Positions

Company Profile

NSK Corporation is one of the largest producers of ball and roller bearings in the world. Established in 1916 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it leads the United States industry in the marketing, designing and manufacturing of anti-friction bearings, precision machinery and parts, mechatronics and automotive parts.

The Challenge

NSK managers needed to hire engineers who could offer the company and its customers the right blend of technical expertise and marketing savvy. While there was no shortage of recent college-educated engineers to draw upon, there was a definite shortage of candidates possessing the experienced “half-sales representative/half-engineer” ideal that was needed.

A typical day for an NSK application engineer might involve calculating complex predictions involving the serviceable life of a bearing. Or it might involve educating a potential customer about the company’s products and recommending an appropriate bearing for their use. It could involve working telephonically with a customer to isolate, troubleshoot and repair a malfunctioning bearing. Finally, the day could be spent in front of fellow colleagues providing in-depth training on the technical aspects of the job or on the finer points of marketing the products.

These diverse job requirements made it difficult to find qualified candidates to fill those positions.

The Solution

NSK managers decided to explore alternative sources of potential employees. With the assistance of Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), the largest military job placement firm in the U.S., NSK discovered that former military candidates seeking military transition job placement could bring a “hit the ground running” trait to the table. This quality, coupled with the inherent leadership abilities found in professional military officers and technicians,offered an appealing alternative to the educated but inexperienced college graduate pool from which they had previously drawn applicants.

The Resultleadership qualities found in veterans

NSK has been rewarded for recognizing the value that accompanies job seekers with former military experience. BMI’s military transition candidates have consistently offered NSK the high level of technical expertise, personal discipline and flexibility that is required of their engineers.

In one department surveyed, eight out of the ten application engineers were Bradley-Morris placements. Other BMI placements have advanced to higher positions within the company in engineering management, sales and marketing. In one recent case, a research and design engineering position in an overseas research facility was specifically created for a BMI placement.

“We recently had an instance where an engineer
had to fly to Europe on only a couple of days notice.
Because he had been stationed there while in the
military, it was no problem at all to get on a plane,
go there and know what to expect. The job was
able to be completed in a timely manner without
dealing with any international challenges.”

- Les Miller