Bradley-Morris Military Job Placement Firm Case Study - Cadman

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Cadman Turns to Military Job Placement Firm Bradley-Morris to Find Engineering Job Candidates

Company Profile

Since 1936, Cadman has been in the business of building communities. Based in Redmond, Washington, they are Western Washington’s leading supplier of sand, gravel, quarry rock and ready-mix concrete. Cadman’s basic philosophy is that concrete is more than just a structural product. It is the key ingredient that ensures design versatility, flexibility, strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.


leadership qualities found in veterans

The Challenge

Cadman periodically has the need to hire candidates having a technically sound engineering background. Recently, they had a need to find such a candidate for a newly-created project engineer position in their Redmond, Washington office.

The Solution

Cadman turned to military job placement specialists Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) to assist them in lining up potential candidates for this position. Attendance at past BMI Hiring Conferences had demonstrated that BMI offered a higher level of candidate with their former military talent as compared to other recruiting firms. In addition, Cadman hiring officials realized that to secure these top candidates, they needed to adjust their internal procedures to accelerate the interview-to-offer timeline.

Officials from the company expressed a strong belief in the strategy of hiring former military service members as it has been shown that such candidates bring a preferred mentality, discipline and outlook to the workplace. In addition to placing BMI’s former military candidates with Cadman itself, human resources supervisors also work to place BMI candidates with their parent company, Lehigh Cement.

The Result

Cadman officials express a high level of satisfaction with the caliber of candidate provided by BMI, ultimately resulting in a successful placement for their Redmond-based project engineer role. The company will continue to consider future BMI candidates for upcoming positions within Cadman and its parent company, Lehigh Cement. For their part, BMI has been credited with achieving key subject matter expertise in relation to Cadman and its products and services, which in turn has led to their ability to effectively match appropriately-skilled former military candidates with the company’s culture and open positions.


“We have dealt with other recruiters and many times, I had to ask myself
if they even read our requirements. The mistakes made were incredible!
BMI, however, is different. I really like the way they go through the matching
process, taking into consideration the employee who is not only best
qualified for the job but who is also the best fit for our company.”

- Cadman Supervisor