Job Seeker FAQ

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How do I know if it’s the right time to look for a civilian job?

Leaving the military is a big decision, and like most big decisions, it carries its own set of risks and rewards. If you’re considering this major step and want to understand your marketability on the civilian job market, the best thing you can do is reach out to our team of highly experienced recruiting experts, discuss the opportunities currently on the market and receive a Personalized Marketability Assessment. This assessment will cover your current career milestones, possible reasons to consider staying on active duty, and a snapshot of current job-seeker and client activity through Bradley-Morris so you know what to expect.

What kinds of companies does Bradley-Morris work with?

Bradley-Morris is a trusted partner for companies that have strong military development programs for their employees, many of which you would find among the Fortune 1000. We are also a trusted option for companies who don’t have an in-house military veteran recruiting program, but do have a need for the kind of leadership, discipline, work ethic and high-tech skills commonly found among former military service members. Bradley-Morris represents multinational corporations, as well as owner-operated medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries and nationwide geographic locations.

What makes Bradley-Morris different from other recruiting companies?

Access. With the largest candidate and client network of any military recruiting services firm, Bradley-Morris is able to create matches between clients and candidates that represent a level of access and reach that is unprecedented in the military hiring space. Our team of experts works tirelessly to refine our processes and procedures to ensure we constantly improve the way clients and candidates interact.

What kind of salary should I expect to receive through your process?

Our team of military transition experts will work with you to develop a solid understanding of your background, career goals and location preferences, and provide you with information about cost of living and average salaries given the parameters of your search. Because every job we match our candidates with is derived directly from their military background and key skills, we have found that candidates typically receive above-average offers through our service because we are able to put them in front of challenging, career-appropriate roles. We will disclose the client’s advertised compensation range for positions we represent before moving forward with the interview process, so candidates will not experience any surprises at the offer stage.

How do I get started?

Once you have completed a candidate application and uploaded your resume to our site you will be contacted by a military recruiting expert to help finalize your profile and begin the process of working through our training program to prepare you for interviews. If you’re available to start your new career within 90 days, we will begin presenting opportunities for your consideration immediately. If you have more than 90 days until you can start your civilian career, we will work with you to develop an individualized transition plan that encompasses resume preparation, job market research, interview techniques, negotiation skills and other key information related to the transition process.

What if I am not interested in a certain position when it is offered? Is it all right to turn it down?

Not every job is going to meet your expectations. If you are not interested in a position, you are free to decline. We will continue to seek positions for you based on your skills and preferences.

What do I pay for your services?

As a military-experienced job seeker, you will not pay for any of the services Bradley-Morris provides. The employers we partner with compensate us for our ability to help them hire the most talented veterans on the job market (a fee that originates from an employer’s recruiting budget, separate from employees’ salaries).

How can I stay informed about open positions?

The majority of our positions will be posted on our website. You will be contacted directly with any “hot jobs” for which you are a match.