Military to Civilian Occupation Index

Military service members facing transition from the military may wonder, “Which occupations am I qualified for in the civilian world?” Many are surprised to learn that they possess the exclusive skills and expertise necessary to fill numerous civilian jobs within the U.S.

Employers who are interested in hiring military may also have questions about the qualifications of former service members. Hiring managers and corporate recruiters are often surprised by the many roles transitioning military and veterans can successfully fill. Many employers have realized the potential a military service member has when it comes to filling some of the most exclusive, skill-specific job openings available.

With this is mind, Bradley-Morris, Inc. has created a list detailing some of our top career placement options for transitioning military personnel. Each link will include the following:

  • Salary, benefits and shift information
  • Common military designations that transition into that career
  • Brief description of job
  • Typical skills needed
  • Immediate superior
  • Typical job duties

Top Career Opportunities

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