My guest today has followed a bit of a unique path out of uniform, Michael Saukulak is the founder of Composure Fitness, a personal fitness and nutritional consulting practice which specializes in progressive overload programming and nutrition optimization.

Michael started his career in the Marine Corps as an intelligence officer after graduating from the Villanova ROTC program in 2012, he spent over three years stationed abroad in Japan supporting operations across seven Asian countries and various US states and territories.

In our conversation, we discuss how he set the personal goal of becoming debt free prior to reaching his first major career inflection point so that his decision to sign on to another set of orders or to separate wouldn’t be influenced by financial concerns. He did ultimately make the decision to transition to private life right around the four year mark, taking a six month pause to regroup and truly understand what he wanted to do for a living before getting his personal fitness consulting practice off the ground.

Michael now operates his business from the tropical island of Bali, relying on online consultations with his clients to help them achieve their fitness and nutrition goals, while also enjoying an incredibly high quality of life in an affordable cost of living area. I’m glad we had a chance to speak, I think this interview offers a great alternative perspective compared to the more mainstream careers I’ve so far had the opportunity to profile on the podcast.

Michael’s book recommendation for personal financial planning: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi