Rich Cardona was a Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot when he transitioned to civilian life, now he helps business owners manage their brand with Executive Video Content. Rich’s customers fall into one of three buckets:

1. People who realize video is incredibly important but don’t have the time to execute.

2. People who understand video is critical to business growth but don’t want to be on camera.

3. People who do not know how to tell their story effectively.

Rich helps create, repair, or amplify the personal or company brand of his customers using first-class video strategy, content, and distribution. This saves his customers time and helps them generate leads for their business without getting bogged down in the technical elements of producing content, or the stage fright of being on-camera.

In this conversation, we discuss Rich’s transition from the military into his first role at a major technology and shipping fulfillment company. After about a year, Rich realized he wasn’t happy and on the advice of his mentor made the transition to digital marketing as an entrepreneur. Now that he’s out on his own, Rich has worked with well-known executives like Gary Vaynerchuk, authors like Dorie Clark, podcasters like Pat Flynn, influencers like Heather Monahan, politicians, non-profits like Bunker Labs, and many more.

In this conversation you will hear about a veteran who wasn’t happy with his status-quo and made the deliberate decision to go through some temporary hardship as a founder in order to come out the other side happier, more fulfilled, and wealthier.

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