Today’s episode is a conversation with another podcast host, Justin Nassiri, host of the Beyond the Uniform podcast.

Justin is also a Naval Academy alum and spent 5 years on submarines before heading to business school on the west coast at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. After finishing his MBA, he started a company and joined the ranks of other bay area entrepreneurs, developing solutions that blend the disciplines of photography, digital marketing and ecommerce, and social media.

Justin has done over 188 interviews with veterans who have successfully become civilians and entrepreneurs, so it was a privilege for me to hear his story and pick his brain since he’s so much further down the path in terms of developing a veteran-facing show.

We talked about what we’ve both encountered in our conversations, the lessons our guests have shared with us, and the process of transitioning not just as a job search but as a process of redefining identity and finding passion in a business environment that might be entirely new, or in some cases unexpected in its timing.

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