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Transition from military to civilian job requires tapping multiple resources

There is a good article in the Austin American-Statesman about hiring military from the candidates’ perspective. Both job seekers featured in the piece are Bradley-Morris, Inc. candidates – one who is in the process of job hunting (Dan Barnhart, pictured), and one who succeeded in his job search (Tedd Schonsheck). Tedd’s military experience contributed immensely… Read more »

Why Tomorrow’s Best Business Intelligence Analyst / Specialist is Currently Wearing Camouflage, Covered in Sand and Toting a Rifle

When I talk to employers about the business benefit of hiring military veterans as part of their talent acquisition strategy, it’s a pretty easy sell, especially when I describe service members who have engineering, management, technician, human resources, healthcare, IT or security skills.  The one group that most employers think has little relevance to what… Read more »

A Call for Associations to Step Up for Veterans Employment: My Challenge to SHRM, APPA, and Others

I spend most of my time talking to recruiters and hiring managers about hiring military veterans.  When we get to the discussion on where to find veterans to hire, occasionally I am asked why service members don’t post their resumes with the professional associations from which employers hire.  For example, if an employer needs to… Read more »

Hire Military Case Study – Cadman

Here’s another case study regarding a company that had success hiring military, Cadman: “Cadman periodically has the need to hire candidates having a technically sound engineering background. Recently, they had a need to find such a candidate for a newly-created project engineer position in their Redmond, Washington office.” Find the full hire military case study… Read more »

How Hiring Military Veterans Helps Your Company Save Money – Part 4: Tax Credits

The federal government encourages employers to hire military veterans by providing a tax credit to organizations that employ certain categories of veterans. This incentive is called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). More details are available in IRS Form 5884. There are three categories of veterans who, if hired by your company, would entitle your… Read more »

How Hiring Military Veterans Helps Your Company Save Money – Part 2: Staffing Hard-to-Fill International Positions and Assignments

Many military veterans have lived and worked abroad during their military careers, and may be more receptive to your company’s international assignments than the average candidate. The military has assignments in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia, and Africa. All service members who serve overseas are provided training on the local culture. A… Read more »

Hiring Military Case Study – NSK

Here’s another case study, this one regarding NSK, a company that has had a great deal of success hiring military. “NSK managers needed to hire engineers who could offer the company and its customers the right blend of technical expertise and marketing savvy. While there was no shortage of recent college-educated engineers to draw upon,… Read more »

Hiring Military Case Study

Check out this case study regarding Callidus, a company that has had a great deal of success hiring military. “Callidus found itself experiencing a high-growth period, due in part to a demanding energy market as well as increased environmental awareness and legislation. While it is a technology-based firm, it seeks employees to fill a whole… Read more »