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Free Veteran Hiring

With the focus of the First Lady squarely on helping veterans, the “military recruiting” niche that my company has served for two decades has become increasingly popular. One question sometimes posed is, “With all of the free veteran hiring services, why should we engage a contingency-based service?” This is a great question. I wouldn’t pay… Read more »

Five steps to hiring top military technicians

A military-experienced candidate’s MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) will give your hiring team a generic description of their career field. It will not tell you how it translates to your specific technology or application. Transferable skills are how we in the military recruiting industry make the fit. Here are five steps regarding to how to assess this: 1). Identify your… Read more »

Are Resumes Trendy?

by Carolyn Heinze As silly as it sounds, resumes are a bit like fashion: there are many different styles, many different designers, and even more opinions on what’s in and what’s out. While there is no secret format that guarantees landing a position (or even just an interview), there are a number of elements that… Read more »

The Number One Mistake Companies Make When Launching a Military Recruiting Initiative

Has this happened to you? You are sitting in a recruitment strategy meeting where it is decided that your company wants to add military veterans to the list of diversity targets for the coming year. Not having much familiarity with the military, you are scrambling for ideas on where to find these candidates. A quick… Read more »

Which Holiday Does Your Company Observe: MLK Day or Veterans Day?

The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) conducted a recent survey of holiday practices and found that three in ten employers (30 percent) will give all or most workers a paid holiday on Monday, January 17th in observance of Martin Luther King Day. It got me to wondering how many companies offer their employees a paid… Read more »