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Top Keywords to Include in a Military Resume

These were the top 100 terms (aka “keywords”) used by recruiters to find the candidates they were searching for on a leading, management-focused job board during a 6-month period in 2009. Incorporate as many as you can (honestly of course) into your military resume, or contact the military resume writing professionals at Military Resumes, to… Read more »

Warning: a “(Dys)Functional” Resume Could Kill Your Job Search

You may have heard that there are several resume styles from which to choose. Although technically this is true, there is one style that you should avoid at all costs, unless you want your military resume to end up in the circular file. So heed this warning before you put that pen to paper –… Read more »

7 Things You Need to Know Before Writing Your Military Resume

In a recent article, entitled “What Not to Do: 7 Ways to Ruin Your Resume,” posted on CBS’s, Hilary Chura discusses the 7 deadly sins of resume writing which, if committed, could send your military resume straight to the “circular file”.  While I’ve discussed nearly all of these “sins” in the past, it never hurts… Read more »

New Year, New Job: Resolve to Invigorate Your Military Resume and Job Search

Like it or not, 2010 is here. Whether you’ve been pounding the job search pavement for months or your military retirement looms on the distant horizon, there is no better time to rethink, or start thinking about, your job search strategy and military resume. Make it your New Year’s resolution to establish an up-to-date job… Read more »

Guidelines for Emailing a Military Resume

Afraid your military resume is heading straight for a spam folder? Here’s how to increase the odds of your military resume being read by a recruiter or hiring manager when sending it via email. The first question about e-mailing your military resume is whether to send it as an attachment or just paste it into… Read more »

Job Openings: the “Too-Perfect-Fit” Dilemma

A Military Resumes client (who happens to be a very savvy senior enlisted Intelligence Analyst), recently shared her frustration regarding the arbitrary barriers companies impose in their job openings. Nearly every military job seeker who has been around the block has encountered the “too-perfect-fit” job opening. This opening has so many specific requirements, only the… Read more »

The White House Launches a Major Veterans Employment Initiative

On November 9th, the White House announced the launch of a new initiative to transform the federal government into the top employer of America’s veterans. A press release from the Office of the Press Secretary cited “repaying our debt for [veterans’] courageous service and selfless sacrifice” and filling the ranks of the federal government with… Read more »

Consider a Post-Military Journey

The following military job search advice comes to us courtesy of Lt. Col. Paul Capicik (USAF Ret), a 26 years Air Force veteran, former CIO, and military program manager for American Sentinel University.  He is the author of a new article series geared toward service members interested in pursuing or advancing Information Technology (IT) careers. In an… Read more »

Back to Basics: the Three Most Important Military Resume Guidelines

In this month’s issue of Spotlight, the official newsletter of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, industry pioneer Jay Block revisits the very definition of a resume.  This got me thinking… if a certified professional military resume writer could benefit from a refresher course on the basics, so could a military job… Read more »

Ask for a Reference, Not a Job

Avoid the awkwardness of asking a network contact for a job by asking them for a reference instead.  It’s tempting for military job seekers preparing for the military to civilian transition to employ a script similar to the following: “Hello Joe.  I am getting out of the military soon… Are you hiring?” The only thing more… Read more »