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Military Recruiting Efforts

Over the long term, car sales are linked to population growth. People need cars to get to work, shop and take care of their families. So along with the projections forstrong and steady U.S. population growth over the next 10 to 20 years, there are projections for increased car sales. For job hunting veterans, this translates into a bevy of… Read more »

Employment Resource Group

In the military, you already know what it means for your troops to “have your back” in all situations, whether you’re training stateside or serving abroad. But what if you could take that same spirit of camaraderie, teamwork and understanding that naturally exists among veterans and transplant it into your new civilian workplace? Meet the “Employment… Read more »

Military to Civilian Transition

You don’t want your post-uniform job to be a good one. You want it to be a great one. You want a career opportunity in the civilian world that allows you to soar to greater heights professionally within a world-class organization. You want a job that allows you to gain a broad range of experiences… Read more »

Employment Opportunities

Broad career options are available to military veterans in two strong industries with bright economic outlooks: energy and construction. Many veterans already possess an advantage in the civilian labor market due to their technical skills, training and leadership experience. Combine these advantages with two industries on the rise, and you have a strong case for… Read more »

Be in Business for Yourself

When Travis ‘TC’ McNeil retired from active military duty, he had a lot of things to consider. He needed to find a new direction for his career that would allow him to provide for his family. TC and his wife, Shenita, attended a Saladmaster cooking show in the home of a friend. He was very… Read more »

The Benefits of an MBA

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: I’m transitioning out in the next six months and I’m considering going back to school to earn my MBA. What are the benefits of an MBA over a bachelor’s degree? Click here to learn more.

Higher Education Issue Featured Schools

Military Transition News is featuring four military-friendly schools as part of the 2015 July/August Higher Education Issue. Continue on to see the schools’ profiles along with their veteran assistance contact information. Click here to learn more.

Coverall is a Veteran-Friendly Company

For 30 years, Coverall has been a leading franchised brand in the commercial cleaning industry. Martel Brown is a veteran who found opportunity and support in Coverall. Click here to read Martel Brown’s story.

JDog Sells Franchises Exclusively to Military Veterans

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, a rapidly growing national company, is on a mission to offer business ownership opportunities to veterans and their family members. JDog franchisees provide junk removal and hauling services to both residential and commercial customers, delivering service the military way: with respect, integrity and trust. Click here to read more.  

When is the best time to search for a post-military career?

Should you worry about the timing of your job search and does it matter? This article endeavors to find some answers: Chris Forman, founder of StartWire, a Lebanon, New Hampshire-based Internet company, believes that while there really is no bad time to look for a job, more favorable periods of the year exist-particularly when private… Read more »